Waiting List

Waiting list

You can join our waiting list by submitting a Waiting List Application.

The waiting list fee is non-refundable, and will not be applied to any other fees.
However, you can choose to decline an offered opening, and stay on the waiting list without paying a new fee.

The fee varies depending on the age/classroom:

Wait times

Families can join the Waiting List at any time, but earlier is better.

The average wait time is 1-2 school years, but wait times vary depending on the age of the child.
Generally, there are fewer open spots for younger children due to the higher teacher-child ratio.

Children are placed on the waiting list in a group of same-aged children in the order that we received the Waiting List fees and forms.

Being on the Waiting List doesn't guarantee a spot at GLPCDS.
It guarantees that we will call families of an appropriately-aged child in order of precedence when there is an opening.

Priority enrollment is granted in the following cases:


When a current student withdraws from the program, the waiting list is used to fill that space.

We promote children each August - children stay in their classrooms for the entire school year.

Program Tours:

We schedule tours throughout the year.
To schedule a tour of our program, please contact our Associate Director, Julie Murphy by email at jmurphy@glenleven.org or call the office phone: 615-298-2071.

Please call the day school office to inquire on the waiting list or for your enrollment questions. We will be glad to help!