Age at admission and promotion

Children are placed on our waiting list based on their age at the start of the school year.

We make every effort to place children in learning environments that provide challenge, but not frustration.
Our goal is for each child's experience to be filled with joyful, developmentally appropriate learning.

We promote children to their next classroom each August. Children stay in their assigned classrooms until the new school year, the following August.

Ages listed in the chart represent the child's age in August, which is the beginning of our school year. Due to the fact that age ranges in classrooms can adjust slightly each year based on the children enrolled, these ages/ranges may differ from year to year.

Teacher-Child Ratios

*** Typically 3 years until Kindergarten
** Typically 2 years until Kindergarten
* Typically 1 year until Kindergarten

Our Environments          

The Nursery Classroom

Teachers: Stephanie, Lindsay, and Tiffany
Ratio: 3:8

The Toddler I Classroom

Teachers: Destany, Destanee, and Alicia
Ratio: 3:10          

  The Toddler II Classroom

Teachers: Jaiden and Hayleigh
Ratio: 2:10

The Pre-K I Classroom

Teacher: Robin
Ratio: 1:7

The Pre-K II Classroom

Teacher: GiGi
Ratio: 1:8

The Pre-K III Class

Teachers:  Amy and Barbara
Ratio: 2:16

The Pre-K IV Class

Teachers:  Sharon and Sammie
Ratio: 2:18