About Staff

We are very proud to have sixteen teachers employed here at our school.  Ten of the fifteen teachers have been here for over ten years. 

All of our staff are required to maintain their certification in CPR and basic first aid. 

We all recognize the importance of in-service training.  Our center is closed six days each year to allow our staff to attend early childhood conferences hosted by the state.

Most of our classrooms are staffed with teaching teams of two teachers; when possible at least one teacher will hold an Early Education related degree.

Debbie Ferguson

Support Staff
Debbie Dillard : Admin/Enrollment Manager
Julie Murphy : Program Advisor
Beth Schubert:  Assistant Director
Janice Cumming : Program Coordinator
June Grimes : Educational Assistant (not pictured here)

 Nursery Teachers
Angie Pollard
Jessica Stewart
Sherry Hermon

Toddler I Teachers
Ashley Martin
Angie Pollard
New Hire

Toddler II Teachers
Alicia Osborne
Megan Cobb

PreK I Teacher
Jill Williams

PreK II Teacher
Gigi Kinzounza

PreK III Teacher
Rachel Smith and
Amy Smith

Prek IV Teachers
Sharon Phebus

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