Mission and Philosophy


Glen Leven Day School is a ministry of Glen Leven Presbyterian Church serving pre-kindergarten age children.



The mission of Glen Leven Day School is to nurture

and care for children of Glen Leven Presbyterian Church

and our community in the knowledge that

God loves them and that they are special to Him.




 At Glen Leven Day School, we believe:

  • That all children have the best opportunity to develop to their maximum potential through meaningful learning experiences within a Christian environment;
  • That all children have the right to grow and develop in a safe, secure and nurturing environment;
  • That self-confidence and self-worth are essential components for the development of loving, caring, nurturing individuals; and that children can develop a desire to model positive influences such as cooperation, teamwork and respect for others as taught by God’s Word;
  • That everyone should be given responsibility for his/her own work; that rules, policies and procedures should be designed to help not hinder people; and that work, play and learning should be enjoyable and something in which pride can be taken;
  • That everyone should be treated with courtesy, respect and honest; and should receive accurate, timely responses to their needs, problems, complaints or inquiries; and
  • That team work is critical to success and that parents, children and staff are all part of the team.