Enrollment & Waiting List Info

Annual Registration:
February: for currently enrolled children for the upcoming Summer/Fall Session
Enrollment Application and Registration Fees will be due in order to hold enrollment.
Registration for Currently Enrolled Children:
$25 Summer Only
$75 Fall Only
$100 Both Sessions

March: for families on the waiting list.
New families will need to pay the registration fee when the enrollment is offered. 
Registration for NEW Families:
$35 Summer Only
$100 Fall Only
$135 Both sessions
** Please Note:  In addition, new families will need to pay the first month's tuition 30 days before the 1st day of the new school  year.  Failure to pay these fees could result in the loss of enrollment.

GLPCDS Sessions
Fall/Spring Session :  August -May
Summer Session : June -July

Enrollment Process:
Steps to Enrollment:
*the Admin/Enrollment Manager will contact parents when enrollment can be offered
*parents will be given time to consider enrollment; evaluate the offer; accept enrollment offer
*complete Enrollment Paperwork, submit Immunization Record, pay registration fees
*enrollment time frame will be stated as to the first day of the new enrollment

If a waiting list parent decides to decline the enrollment offer, their waiting list application goes back on the GLPCDS Waiting List; no additional charges will be made to the account for staying on the list.

For more info you can email Julie Murphy, Program Advisor:  jmurphy@glenleven.org

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Curriculum Info

Waiting List Information:n See the Forms link for the Waiting List Application
*families can join the waiting list at any time; wait times vary depending on age of child; average wait time is 1-2 school years; if a child withdraws from the program, the waiting list is utilized to fill that space

*children are placed on the waiting list in a group of same aged children

*children are placed on the waiting list in the order that we received the Waiting List fees and forms

*we fill spaces from the waiting list - spaces are only available when someone who is currently enrolled in the program withdraws

*we promote children each August - children stay in their classrooms for the entire school year; we do not promote children mid-year

*the waiting list fee is non-refundable and will not be applied to any other fees
see the Forms link for the waiting list application; costs are listed at the bottom of the form

*priority status for: 
active military
staff members
church members
siblings of currently enrolled children

*being on the waiting list doesn't guarantee a spot in GLPCDS; it guarantees that we will call waiting list families in the event of an opening in enrollment, by classroom

Program Tours:
Due to Covid-19 Protocols, we are unable to do tours at this time. You can still join our waiting list, and if we have an opening in our program, we can schedule an after school hours tour of our program. Thanks for understanding!

Please call the day school office to inquire on the waiting list or for your enrollment questions. We will be glad to help!