Program Information

  Who we are...
Glen Leven Presbyterian Church -Day School is a child-centered program designed to offer a comfortable first step into the world of group education for young children. 

We are recognized by Department of Human Services
as a
3 STAR quality center.
We encourage socialization, but we never sacrifice individual time or
needs in the process.
We take great pride in GLPCDS being one of the oldest church school /preschool programs in Nashville – our school was
established in 1950.

We offer full and part time programs for children 6
weeks old to Pre-K age.

  Teacher – Child Ratios

Ages listed below represent child age in August, which is the beginning of our school year.  We promote children to new classroom each August ~ children stay in their assigned classrooms until the new school year.

Children are placed on our waiting list based on their age at the time of the current school year.

Due to the fact that ages of classroom can adjust slightly each year based on the children enrolled, these ages/ranges may differ from year to year.

We make every effort to place children in learning environments that challenge, but not frustrate.  Our goal is for each child's experience to be filled with joyful, developmental appropriate learning.

 Age Range
 Ratio Group Size

under 1 year

 Toddler I     
 1 year turning
2 years old     
    3:10         10
 Toddler II        
 2 years turning
3 years old
   2:10         10
 PreK I     
 2.5 turning
3.5 years old
     1:7          7
 PreK II    ***
 3 turning
4 years old    
     1:8         8
 PreK III  ** 
 3.5 turning
4.5 years old
 PreK IV *  
 4 turning
5 years old
   2:18         18

* Typically 1 year until Kindergarten
** Typically 2 years until Kindergarten
*** Typically 3 years until Kindergarten





Our Environments                             
The Nursery Classroom
Teachers : Lauren/Hayleigh/Deanna

 The Toddler I Class
The Teachers :  Destany/Jessica/Alicia               

 Toddler II Class
 The Teachers : Shanna/Ella

The Pre-K I Class
 Teacher : Robin

The Pre-K  II Class
Teacher : GiGi

The Pre-K III Class
Teacher :  Angie / Amy

The Pre-K IV Class
 Teacher :  Sharon / Sammie


Hours of Operation

Full Day  

Mother's Day Out 
(*these hours are for children in PreK I-PreK IV only)

Monday through Friday


*these schedules are based on our ability to fill the alternate days

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